How to add YespowerR16 to Yiimp pool

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This instruction will help add a new algorithm (YespowerR16) to your pool (Yiimp based).

1) Add new port in firewall (sample: 6234)
sudo ufw allow 6234/tcp

2) Add new algo in php yiimp file - /var/web/yaamp/core/functions/yaamp.php

3) Modify stratum and recompile:
open folder source Yiimp and open stratum folded
make clean

Open stratum.cpp and after {"yespower", yespower_hash, 0x10000, 0, 0},
add {"yespowerR16", yespowerR16_hash, 0x10000, 0, 0},

Open yespower.h and after void yespower_hash(const char* input, char* output, uint32_t len);
add void yespowerR16_hash(const char* input, char* output, uint32_t len);

Open yespower.c add parametrs for yespowerR16 algo, sample: {YESPOWER_0_9, 4096, 16, NULL, 0}

sample yespower.c attached

4) Open stratum folder and compile new stratum version

5) Copy stratum binary file to /var/stratum

6) Open folder /var/stratum/config and copy yescryptR16.conf > yespoweR16.conf and modify strings:
port = 6334
algo = yespowerR16

7) Open panel administrator Yiimp and change algo from yescryptR16 to yespowerR16 in Yenten coin.

8) Restart stratum.
screen -X -S yespowerR16 quit
screen -dmS yespowerR16 /var/stratum/ yespowerR16


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